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Generative AI - From Big Picture, to Idea, to Implementation

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How the next milestone in machine learning will improve the products we build

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Aug 05, 2022 · 1 points, 3 comments · submitted by martinmusio7
Yes, yes, yes! After more than a year (no joke) of dedicated work, I dare to officially announce that we have released the online course about generative AI.

Actually, we released it already 4 months ago - under the radar, sort of speak. Aiming for a high-quality online course, it was important for us to incorporate the feedback of the first 150 students before we go on the big stage of LinkedIn.

  This is the course’s link:
What is the course about? - Generative Artificial Intelligence - the field of AI that generates data.

Why generative AI? To just name a few reasons: - Generate all kinds of data (eg. Images, videos, 3d images, time series, etc.) - Augment datasets to potentially improve machine learning performances - Stay up-to-date with AI trends (Generative AI is one of the 12 most relevant tech trends according to Gartner)

Lastly, I’d be really grateful if you could assist me and spread the word. Every share, comment, and like helps us tremendously. (The LinkedIn-Algo penalises external links.)

I promise, we keep updating the course to stay relevant to our students.

A shout out to the team with deep gratitude: - Karen Carlin ( in charge of design: course design, web page, and video editing. - Maria Alfreda ( in charge of collaboration ventures (more to come).

Feel free to reach out to me, Martin Musiol (

This is not the way to share your work on HN. It smells of sales and marketing intent. I'd recommend reading through the FAQ and top Show HN to learn the guidelines and what works well.
Thank you will do.
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