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HN.Academy is made by ~yaj in Salt Lake City, UT.

The treasure trove of opinions posted to Hacker News is mined for references to high quality online courses. These references are then ranked and combined with data from the course providers to showcase the most recommended courses in the context of the comments that recommend them.

As a mashup of Hacker News and online course providers, HN.Academy stands on the shoulders of the open APIs for Hacker News and the great work of online course providers and creators. Much gratitude to these entities and the people involved. HN.Academy would not be possible without them.

Affiliate links and commissions: Purchases made on a course provider's site may result in a referral commission being paid to HN.Academy. These commissions reflect the value that HN.Academy provides in aggregating data about these courses and helps to support the continued production of these aggregations and rankings. Thank you for purchasing courses through this site.

Please feel free to conact me ([email protected];laksdfhjdhksfj more things with any questions or comments.

Other projects - Over 80K software development tech talks ranked algorithmically to surface the industry's best presentations from the past, present and future.

HN Academy is an independent project and is not operated by Y Combinator, Coursera, edX, or any of the universities and other institutions providing courses.
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