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Android 50: Crash Course into Android Development

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Course Description


A quality and content-rich Android development course targeting NON-PROGRAMMERS!

If you haven't written a single line of code before and want to start a career in Android apps development, then this course is for you!

If you are a beginner and know one or two things about programming or Android, then it's also a great opportunity for you to make a fresh start and build knowledge on a good ground.


This course is crafted after years of teaching / mentoring Android to beginners and tries to reach out to people who have some concerns starting a career in tech industry.

Starting from the easy topics and finally building upon the ground knowledge, this course is ideal if you are curious if you can start a career in Android Development.


What does this course teach?

This course has two main modules:

1. Creating a User Interface

In this first half of the course, you will be able to transfer a complex screen design into an Android app. You will learn concepts like: TextView, ImageView, Button, LinearLayout, RelativeLayout and ScrollView.

You will have a good understanding of common View properties such as background, margin, padding, width, height and will be able to use View specific properties like text, backgroundTint, textSize, textColor, src, scaleType and more.

You will have a basic understanding of Android Studio tooling and you will learn how to navigate yourself in your projects, how to use code and design tabs and how to run apps in your Android device or in an emulator.

2. Making Apps Interactive

In the second half of the course, you will able to write you first lines of Kotlin code to bring apps into life. You will learn about Kotlin, how computers run code, how to write code to make your apps interactive.

You will learn some fundamentals of programming to make your apps interactive:

  • variables

  • literals

  • types

  • strings

  • arithmetic operations

  • click listeners

  • and more!


As your instructor, I believe active learning, so I prepared mini-apps as assignments for you to practice and strengthen your knowledge.

You will code 2 mini-apps with me and 3 more all by yourself!

So at the end of the course you are going to have built 5 apps using the fundamental knowledge you learned!

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This course is offered by Safa Orhan on the Udemy platform.
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