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Take Udacity's Machine Learning for Trading course and implement machine learning based strategies to make trading decisions using real-world data. Learn online with Udacity.

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This course is offered on the Udacity platform.
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A Google search result for "machine learning stock trading":

well to be honest I never bothered googling that exact term but I was more interested in the details around his deployment of smaller and successful neural networks as part of a portfolio.
Basically, certain neural networks perform better at predicting different factors at different market conditions. You can string them together to get a decent trader, enough to make a profit, but not enough to justify hogging your GPUs.
As in the profit generated isn't enough to sustain the electricity cost of running the GPUs? Are you able to scale up with more initial investment? How much did you invest and what kind of return on investment were you getting?
Not enough to justify using up the compute capabilities of my GPUs since I need them for research.

I averaged a return of 7-13% a year. With less than 1000 in capital, it wasn't very profitable.

I don't see why it shouldn't scale.

I built a rather simplistic bitcoin trading bot for myself a year or so ago using a hacked together exponential EMA script. Did ok, turned $2.5k to about $10k, paid off a car loan with the profits after tax. It was definitely a hobby and I'm pretty sure I was extremely lucky. It felt like I was playing with monopoly money at the time so there was no stress.

Also, this is interesting...

There is I haven't personally taken the course though so I can't speak to the quality.
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