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Functional Programming in Haskell: Supercharge Your Coding

FutureLearn · The University of Glasgow · 69 HN points · 2 HN comments

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Get an introduction to Haskell, the increasingly popular functional programming language, with this University of Glasgow course.

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This course is offered by The University of Glasgow on the FutureLearn platform.
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Apr 15, 2019 · 2 points, 0 comments · submitted by melling
Jul 19, 2017 · 6 points, 0 comments · submitted by rouma7
Nov 27, 2016 · 3 points, 0 comments · submitted by yamafaktory
Nov 05, 2016 · 3 points, 0 comments · submitted by nafizh
Sep 24, 2016 · 49 points, 9 comments · submitted by jasim
They have misunderstood the Haskell motto, it's "avoid (success at all costs)" not "avoid success (at all costs)".
I've always understood it to be literally the former, but at the same time tongue-in-cheek the latter.
I don't think so? The longer explanation is

> Haskell has a sort of unofficial slogan: avoid success at all costs. I think I mentioned this at a talk I gave about Haskell a few years back and it’s become sort of a little saying. When you become too well known, or too widely used and too successful (and certainly being adopted by Microsoft means such a thing), suddenly you can’t change anything anymore. You get caught and spend ages talking about things that have nothing to do with the research side of things. I’m primarily a programming language researcher, so the fact that Haskell has up to now been used for just university types has been ideal. Now it’s used a lot in industry but typically by people who are generally flexible, and they are a generally a self selected rather bright group. What that means is that we could change the language and they wouldn’t complain. Now, however, they’re starting to complain if their libraries don’t work, which means that we’re beginning to get caught in the trap of being too successful.

> Now, however, they’re starting to complain if their libraries don’t work, which means that we’re beginning to get caught in the trap of being too successful.

Seems like the latter interpretation, not the former.

This is part of a Haskell class that started last week. I highly recommend it, if you've always wanted to learn Haskell.

I'm also going to follow along with this course:

Anyone read through "A Gentle Introduction to Haskell"?

I read through it a long time ago, and it's fine for learning the core of the language. Real World Haskell and Learn You A Haskell For Great Good are probably better introductions nowadays.
I'm surprised there's no mention of Id:

Article didnt tell me anything about Haskell's history but I found this following links:

FYI: A free course from the University of Glasgow just started today as well.

Sep 19, 2016 · 4 points, 0 comments · submitted by sndean
Sep 19, 2016 · 2 points, 0 comments · submitted by lelf
There's also this course given by University of Glasgow coming up on September 19th (it's Haskell, though):
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