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Unix Tools: Data, Software and Production Engineering

edX · Delft University of Technology · 3 HN comments

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Grow from being a Unix novice to Unix wizard status! Process big data, analyze software code, run DevOps tasks and excel in your everyday job through the amazing power of the Unix shell and command-line tools.

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This course is offered by Delft University of Technology on the edX platform.
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If you are interested in a course to get comfortable with the shell in unix I highly recommend this course. I'm taking it now and it's quite well done.

More info about week 1:

Feb 27, 2020 · neves on Was Knuth Really Framed?
BTW, Spinellis MOOC about unix tools must be great:

I'm really a fan of Spinellis, his books are excellent:

Effective Debugging book is a must read for any software developer. The Elements of Computing Style is useful for any knowledge worker. Code Reading is probably the only important book in the subject.

The only problem with his books is that they are rather expensive, specially for developers who doesn't earn in dollars :-(

That is indeed a pity. I try to compensate by making as much material as possible openly available, such as through the MOOC you mentioned (I've been working for five years on it), through my blog, and through open source software and content.
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