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Underactuated Robotics

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Algorithms for Walking, Running, Swimming, Flying, and Manipulation
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This course is offered by Massachusetts Institute of Technology on the edX platform.
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Feb 18, 2019 · Isamu on Underactuated Robotics
The course on edx is here:

Looks like it's archived. There are video lectures available at MIT's OCW:
And see the MIT "Underactuated Robotics" book (Free online) [1] and associated MITx course [2].



Start now! There are great introductions out there. Good luck, I want to get back into robotics myself.

If you are missing some math to understand these, those classes are online too.

Underactuated robotics is a cool topic, but I hadn't heard of underactuated hands before.

"The released hand designs feature tendon-driven underactuated fingers. Underactuated hands have been shown to improve the generality of simple grippers by adaptively conforming to the surface of objects without the explicit need for sensors or complicated feedback systems. This design paradigm separates the actuation and finger elements, enabling a greater degree of customization."

"Based on the original SDM Hand, the Model T is the OpenHand Project's first released hand design, initially introduced at ICRA 2013. the four underactuated fingers are differentially coupled through a floating pulley tree, allowing for equal force output on all finger contacts."

Anybody here take this course? Is this ongoing?

The MIT underactuated robotics course actually deals with underactuated robotics in terms of dynamics. Our hands considers underactuation from a quasi-static perspective. The main take-away for our project/design is that the final configuration of the hand is determined not only by the actuator inputs, but also the fingers' interactions with the object and environment.
Oct 06, 2014 · 2 points, 0 comments · submitted by arxpoetica
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