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Paradigms of Computer Programming – Abstraction and Concurrency

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This course covers data abstraction, state, and deterministic dataflow in a unified framework with practical code exercises.

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This course is offered by Université catholique de Louvain on the edX platform.
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Jan 06, 2021 · bmitc on Why Learn Prolog in 2021?
Definitely! It's been on my backburner for years as well. I have the book and started to take the edX course a couple of years ago, but got sidetracked with work. I e-mailed Peter Van Roy back in May, asking if the edX course would be resumed. He stated that the local university course got removed from the engineering curriculum, so that's why the edX course isn't running anymore. Hopefully it comes back. He mentioned that he had recorded some lectures on his YouTube channel.

Super glad to see this!

Programming Paradigms for Dummies ( is something I try to get everyone I know who's interested to read and really think hard about.

The textbook is the only real textbook I've bought after university because it's so... foundational.

I like to refer to programming paradigms as the building blocks of design patterns -- how do you derive design patterns and best practices? By trying to bring programming paradigms into your design! Our practice of immutability can be viewed as a means to make data flow more deterministically.

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