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Agile Development Using Ruby on Rails - The Basics

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This intermediate computer programming course uncovers how to code long-lasting software using highly-productive Agile techniques to develop Software as a Service (SaaS) using Ruby on Rails. You will understand the new challenges and opportunities of SaaS versus shrink-wrapped software and learn to apply fundamental Rails programming techniques to the design, development, testing, and public cloud deployment of an Software as a Service (SaaS) application

Using best-of-breed tools that support modern development techniques including Behavior-Driven design, user stories, Test-Driven Development, velocity, and pair programming, learners will discover how modern programming language features in Ruby on Rails can improve productivity and code maintainability.

Weekly coding projects and quizzes will be part of the learning experience in this SaaS course. Those who successfully complete the assignments and earn a passing grade can get an honor code certificate or verified certificate from BerkeleyX. The videos and homework assignments have been updated to use Ruby 2.4, Rails 4.2.10 and RSpec 3.7. The new class also includes embedded live chat with Teaching Assistants and other students and remote pair programming with other students.

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This course is offered by University of California, Berkeley on the edX platform.
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Interestingly, many if not most of these items are covered in CS169.1x [1] over on edX.

Also, my recent 100-level courses at a continuing education arm of a public university covered 1, 6, 7, 8 and touched on 2 and 10.

In my experience, the most consistent omission is #2 'How To Write'. It's so rare that my own limited, but apparently good enough, ability has been a significant bonus throughout my career.


Any of several languages would fit that bill, including PHP, Ruby, Python, Java, JavaScript, C# and others. As important as choosing a language is selecting a web framework and also learning how to build a web application.

For a novice, I would recommend the free "Engineering Software as a Service" course[1], which uses the Ruby language and the Rails framework to teach the fundamentals of web development.


Thanks, looking forward to it.
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