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Introduction to Computational Thinking and Data Science

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6.00.2x is an introduction to using computation to understand real-world phenomena.

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This course is offered by Massachusetts Institute of Technology on the edX platform.
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Hey Totaldude,

I taught myself programming over the course of a couple of years, having started from pretty much zero. Now I am working part time as a developer for a startup, and run a business of my own - having built not just the website and app for my business, but also developed the hardware and firmware!

Below are the classes that I took to get started along with a bit of a storyline: - I started this a while ago and never finished because I got distracted. It's kind of bare bones, but will get your wheels spinning. - I started and got all the way through the last problem set. This course is EXCELLENT: wonderful lectures, challenging assignments, expansive community (facebook group,, stackoverflow, etc). If there was only one class to pick from this list, CS50 would be it.

After CS50, I wanted to get good at a specific language and decided to learn Python. It is a very flexible and powerful language. It's very clean syntactically making it easier to learn. You can use if for data science, for little scripts, for web development, for pretty much anything. - i started this late (not self paced like the CS50), and played catch-up a good amount of the time. A solid class, mostly did it because I wanted to get good at Python. I got most of the way though this course as well. - I started this class next because I wanted to use Python to crunch numbers, and eventually get into machine learning. I made it just a few weeks into this course before getting distracted with my own projects.

It's not just about learning a programming language, but learning to program. With two hours a day, you can churn through the CS50 course in a couple of months, during which you'll build a website & webapp. It'll definitely be a challenge (it took me a couple of tries to make it all the way through), but it's an amazing course - make sure to take advantage of the huge community.

Feb 16, 2017 · bootload on Algorithms
EdX as well,

- 6-00-1x (started)

- 6.00.2x (March)

All are good and are pitched at various levels of complexity. The Princeton course uses Java. Okay if you're into that sort of language/thinking. MIT is using Python. Found one using lisp, "Systematic Program Design" ~

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