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One of the most effective ways I know to do that is to read books written by people who have run technology companies, or about technology companies by insiders, or by venture capitalists, or biographies of important figures, or about the history of technology world, or books recommended or mentioned by any of the above. You get examples on a canvas you're familiar with.

I'll read books mentioned in interviews of people who have a track record. Even watching a video like this (check out the first comment and replies). It only lasted a few seconds, but we got the books in the background figured out. We recognized some by the spine.

There are a lot of things that are the way they are because someone did something at some point, and it's only reading a book where the author mentions an anecdote that you piece things together. There are entire deals that didn't happen because someone was a jerk to another years before that. These books also expose a situation, and the decisions made in a certain context, the tradeoffs, etc. How people went about the product, which strategies they used to find a market, how conflicts arose and were handled with.

But, back to your ask:

Wharton has a "Business Foundations"[0] series on Coursera which includes entire courses on marketing, accounting, finance.

Microeconomics (two or three books you find in every course: the ones by Pindyck, Perloff, and Mankiw. Either named "Microeconomics" and "Principles of Microeconomics").

You can checkout the MIT OCW courses on these.


Reading books written by people who have run tech companies definitely helped me. I recommend books by Basecamp.
I recommend University of Michigan’s finance course on Coursera: There’s also a Business Foundations series from Wharton (I followed a previous version of some of the courses).
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