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Machine Learning Engineering for Production (MLOps)

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Managing Machine Learning Production SystemsDeployment PipelinesModel PipelinesData PipelinesMachine Learning Engineering for ProductionHuman-level Performance (HLP)Concept DriftModel baselineProject Scoping and DesignML Deployment ChallengesML MetadataConvolutional Neural Network

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This course is offered by DeepLearning.AI on the Coursera platform.
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Andrew Ng has a series of courses on Coursera

Even the free videos are valuable if you do not have experience deploying real world systems.

Congrats, you're better than most university students I know!

Being so much close to getting your degree, get it! You are almost there!

Besides, when you have your degree you're going to be above your (average) peer because of your real-world experience in Data Science.

If you can continue working and get your degree that would be superb. Once you have 1 year of experience, I think you could search for much better jobs.

My advice here would be to try to move your career path to Machine Learning Engineering. It is a relatively-new mixed-discipline, mostly SWE with some DS and DevOps. There is a coursera course that treats these topics, take a look to it once you have your degree [1]. There is also need for backend engineers with some DS skills. Try to learn Django/Flask/NodeJS/Go and with your DS experience, you're good to go.

Also, get out of Russia as soon as you get the degree and also, get the EU passport as fast as you can. The political situation is going to deteriorate in the following months. In fact, I would try to immigrate to the EU once you have your degree.

Advice for your future job searchs: Do not get un-motivated or depressed because of not passing the interviews (not I don't use the term "fail"). Most positions are already assigned and the rest of the interviews are a way to avoid nepotism claims or other criticism (or even legal repercussions). You won't pass 90% of your interviews, not because of your skill-set, but because there are a miriad of reasons for you to don't be chosen: another candidate is better/asks for less money, position is canceled, HR don't click with you, etc. Don't get discouraged and assume you're going to have to make many interviews to get a position, that's the game (unless you have FAANG experience), I'm afraid.

Good luck and keep rocking!


Jul 11, 2021 · 2 points, 0 comments · submitted by shcheklein
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