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Introduction to High-Performance and Parallel Computing

Coursera · University of Colorado Boulder · 1 HN comments

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Course Description

This course introduces the fundamentals of high-performance and parallel computing. It is targeted to scientists, engineers, scholars, really everyone seeking to develop the software skills necessary for work in parallel software environments. These skills include big-data analysis, machine learning, parallel programming, and optimization. We will cover the basics of Linux environments and bash scripting all the way to high throughput computing and parallelizing code.

After completing this course, you will be able to...

*Describe the components of a high-performance distributed computing system

*Describe the following types of parallel programming models and the situations in which they might be used

*High-throughput computing

*Shared memory parallelism

*Distributed memory parallelism

*Navigate a typical Linux-based HPC environment

*Assess and analyze application scalability including weak and strong scaling

*Quantify the processing, data and cost requirements for a computational project or workflow

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This course is offered by University of Colorado Boulder on the Coursera platform.
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Has anyone tried either?: - "Fundamentals of Parallelism on Intel Architecture" - "Introduction to High-Performance and Parallel Computing"
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