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Delta Air Lines reportedly offered $10,000 to passengers in Grand Rapids to be bumped from flight

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Youtube Summary
Several Delta Air Lines passengers went to Twitter after Delta reportedly offered $10,000 to get off an oversold flight from Grand Rapids to Minneapolis.

The flight was scheduled to depart from Gerald R. Ford Airport on Monday morning at 6:45 a.m., but not all the passengers who boarded ended up landing in Minneapolis later that morning.

Full story here:

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Jul 02, 2022 · 2 points, 0 comments · submitted by avonmach
Link says Facebook but it really redirects to a YouTube link with tracking. It opened the YouTube app on my phone which was unexpected/startled me.

Mods maybe want to change the link to this so the domain is accurate?

Alternatively, here's the article by the same local news channel that posted the YouTube video:

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