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Donald Knuth at Luleå University of Technology

Luleå tekniska universitet · Youtube · 16 HN points · 2 HN comments
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Professor emeritus Donald Knuth, Q&A-session at Luleå University of Technology on January 12, 2018.
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Jul 02, 2022 · 14 points, 2 comments · submitted by shilgapira
he's too humble to mention the Knuth is my Homeboy tshirts: that once existed :)
Several of my T-shirts feature this design:

On the back I put the 232-bit BLC version [1].

For math designs, it's hard to beat


Obligatory link to Donald Knuth mishearing this question as "What Makes a Good T-Shirt?"
What a great find. Made me smile for a few minutes! Thanks for sharing.
Taking the opportunity to post the video of Knuth mishearing the question "What makes a good teacher?" as "What makes a good T-shirt?" at my uni.

I wish the guy would have let him answer as to what the CompSci equivalent of that T-Shirt is.
Right? Because of that interruption we never get to have Don Knuth approved compsci T-shirts. Think before you act!
Is there any way we could ask him? I don't wear Compsci T-shirts but I would wear a Don Knuth-designed one.
The word he used was "a t-shirt that would be an _analog_."
A few years ago, while doing a bit of a family history research project (Knuth was my father's PhD advisor at Stanford), I stumbled across a rather awesome t-shirt design. May I humbly submit "Knuth is my homeboy" as my entry to the CompSci t-shirt contest. (not my own design, to be clear, I just came across it on the internet)

And here is a shot of the recursive shirt in action:

That is so cool! He really liked the question!
I lived in Sweden for a while, Swedes are very proficient in English. Yet, they almost always pronounce ch as sh. They even have TV ads that make fun of this.
It took me the longest time before I understood that ad, since the sheep speaks fluent "American".

While on pronounciation topics, how does one pronounce "Knuth"? Is the k silent like in "know"?

Edit: According to Wikipedia it is kə-NOOTH.

Reminds me of this ad:

"Mayday! ... We're sinking! We're sinking!"

"What are you sinking about?"

That's funny. This is the best thing I've ever found on HN. Thank you.
Thanks for sharing this. Definitely made my day :D
I want that T-shirt now!
Reminds me a bit of Professor Neutron (Bob Newhart) in the Big Bang Theory!
that's my favorite gag from the Firefly tv show.

Simon: Are you Alliance?

Early: Am I a lion?

Simon: What?

Early: I don't think of myself as a lion. You might as well though, I have a mighty roar.

Simon: I said "Alliance."

Early: Oh, I thought...

Simon: No, I was...

Early: That's weird.

What a wonderful and genuine human being! It helps explain why his books are so incredibly humane while remaining deep on a very broad topic. Thanks for sharing. ️
Jan 18, 2018 · 2 points, 0 comments · submitted by mci
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