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Real-Time 3D Graphics with WebGL 2: Build interactive 3D applications with JavaScript and WebGL 2 (OpenGL ES 3.0), 2nd Edition

Farhad Ghayour, Diego Cantor · 2 HN comments
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A comprehensive guide with 80+ examples on 3D programming in WebGL2, covering computer graphics topics such as rendering, 3D math, cameras, and more.___ Key Features:Create visually stunning, high-performance 3D applications for the web with WebGL 2 A complete course on 3D computer graphics: rendering, 3D math, lighting, cameras, and more Unlock a variety of new and advanced features offered in WebGL 2 As highly interactive applications have become an increasingly important part of the user experience, WebGL is a unique and cutting-edge technology that brings hardware-accelerated 3D graphics to the web. Packed with 80+ examples, this book guides readers through the landscape of real-time computer graphics using WebGL 2. Each chapter covers foundational concepts in 3D graphics programming with various implementations. Topics are always associated with exercises for a hands-on approach to learning. This book presents a clear roadmap to learning real-time 3D computer graphics with WebGL 2. Each chapter starts with a summary of the learning goals for the chapter, followed by a detailed description of each topic. The book offers example-rich, up-to-date introductions to a wide range of essential 3D computer graphics topics, including rendering, colors, textures, transformations, framebuffers, lights, surfaces, blending, geometry construction, advanced techniques, and more. With each chapter, you will "level up" your 3D graphics programming skills. This book will become your trustworthy companion in developing highly interactive 3D web applications with WebGL and JavaScript. ___ What You Will Learn:Understand the rendering pipeline provided in WebGL Build and render 3D objects with WebGL Develop lights using shaders, 3D math, and the physics of light reflection Create a camera and use it to navigate a 3D scene Use texturing, lighting, and shading techniques to render realistic 3D scenes Implement object selection and interaction in a 3D scene Cover advanced techniques for creating immersive and compelling scenes Learn new and advanced features offered in WebGL 2 ___ Who This Book Is For:This book is intended for developers who are interested in building highly interactive 3D applications for the web. A basic understanding of JavaScript is necessary; no prior computer graphics or WebGL knowledge is required.___Table of Contents:Getting Started Rendering Lights Cameras Animations Colors, Depth Testing, and Alpha Blending Textures Picking Putting It All Together Advanced Techniques WebGL 2 Highlights Journey Ahead
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Computer graphics is where I found my love for software, math, and art. Needless to say, the first time I got to code lights in raw GL, my mind was illuminated :)

Shameless plug: If you'd like to know how to build a simpler version of THREE.js from scratch in WebGL, you can check out my book:

When people often say to me "I learned all that maths in school and it was useless", I think to how much of that came in useful when I wrote my first 3D engine in my teens. Suddenly it wasn't so boring any longer.

When I started coding graphics in the early 80s practically every video game was a one-person show - every line of code, every graphic and every sound effect and line of music. By the time I start doing game development as a job in the mid-90s we were up to small teams of about 10 people, and we could all still go out together for a beer after work. Now look at it.. unbelievable how many people are needed for a modern AAA online game. I can't even fathom it.

Absolutely! When you take into account just the artistic aspects (e.g. modeling, texturing, rigging, etc. with professionals specializing just in particular aspects like facial structures, etc.), it really is quite remarkable.

I imagine we'll get more efficiency as procedural and generative techniques become more powerful: characters, worlds, mechanics, etc. are all programmatically generated with little-to-no intervention.

> I imagine we'll get more efficiency as procedural and generative techniques become more powerful: characters, worlds, mechanics, etc. are all programmatically generated with little-to-no intervention.

This absolutely has to happen because humans are really crap at some things, like animating human beings. When I was developing a 3D game in the mid-90s I watched our character animator trying to do the animations by hand and you can almost never get it to look remotely realistic; even now with mo-cap and bones and all the tech, it still looks totally fake (a big recent example for me is Thanos in the MCU who moves like a wooden puppet). It needs that ML layer to sit above everything and fix all the little details that make humans look human and move human.

Shameless plug: If you're interested in building a complete engine, I published a book on WebGL 2, where readers go from the very basics all the way up to building a minimalistic rendering engine (THREE.js like) and use it to render a virtual 3D car showroom.

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