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Poor Charlie's Almanack: The Wit and Wisdom of Charles T. Munger, Expanded Third Edition

Peter D. Kaufman, Ed Wexler, Warren E. Buffett, Charles T. Munger · 3 HN comments
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EXPANDED THIRD EDITION includes Charlie's 2007 USC Law School Commencement address. Edited by Peter D. Kaufman. Brand New.
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> Charlie's cog is a very big one indeed so he can make comments like that with no irony or self-awareness.

I highly recommend reading some of his writings [0] then, because having "a lack of self-awareness" is the last trait I'd use to describe that man.


Charlie Munger is one of my few heroes. A great all-around thinker, about more than just investing. I highly recommend a dive into his mind via these two books:

Seeking Wisdom: From Darwin to Munger = = a deep read, mostly focused on cognitive biases

Poor Charlie's Almanack = = a big coffee table book of his speeches and essays, good for leaving on the kitchen table to read over a meal

I think if you order the books directly from Charlie Munger's company, the proceeds go to charity:

Agreed - Munger has been one of my very few heroes for a long time now. Poor Charlie's Almanack is a great read.

Munger's concept of mental models is the basis for my book ("The Personal MBA"), which comes out in January. The project started because I was looking for a comprehensive treatment of Munger's models, but couldn't find one.

Munger's models also tend to be very clearly focused on making investment decisions, which is great, but tend to overlook how to start / grow a business, so that's what I set out to create.

This approach is now the basis of my work with my clients and course participants, with huge success. Mental models work wonders for people with little knowledge of a topic - they're a great way to teach people something useful quickly.

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