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A is for Array

Brandon J Hansen · 4 HN comments
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Amazon Summary
A is for Array is the ABC book for future programmers. Filled with fun illustrations and simple real-world examples, your children will love seeing your world intertwined with theirs. Throughout the book you will find terms from all throughout the world of programming. From data structures, to function definitions, to design patterns and project management strategies, there is a bit of something for everyone. Happy coding!
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I bought some of these books for my daughter who is 8 months. Obviously she's not going to crank out the next big startup by the time she's 3 with these, but I hoped that they would expose her to what her father does for a living and to not be intimidated later in life by math and programming.

Web Design For Babies 2.0: A Is For Array: Introductory Calculus For Infants:

This is more general learning, but we got one of these, and my daughter loves it. She's still learning the different things it has to play with.

Wow, those are super cool books. I may just buy them to read them, LOL.
That page seems sketchy. I wanted to see a bit more about the book. Does it teach programming or is it an ABC book? Also, I was suspicious of the Google shortened link for the Amazon link. I'm sure the author just wants some analytics, but it just felt off. is what I was hoping was on the front page, a picture from inside the book, to help explain what the book is. From the "Look inside" link on Amazon, I feel like the author touches on concepts, but doesn't really explain them, but then goes into implementation details in various languages.

Do you avoid Google, Yahoo, Bing, Amazon, and Facebook, who also track outgoing links?
It's not about tracking outbound links, it's that I just associate "buy now!" and shortened urls to be a bit sketchy.
I agree.

While we wait for him to add the pictures, we can dig them out ourselves from amazon:

Use the "Surprise me"-link to get to a page inside the book.

Tried the "Surprise me"-link but only got to the covers, not to an page inside the book.
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