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How You Make the Sale

Frank McNair · 3 HN comments
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The basic keys to selling, without the fluff, so salespeople can stop reading and start selling! The problem with other books on sales for beginners is that they either talk above the heads of the beginning salesperson, or they are too focused on tricks and shortcuts to closing the deal. Frank McNair's How You Make the Sale speaks to beginning salespeople at their level-so they can put the advice to work right away. By following eight simple steps, this essential guide teaches anyone how to sell anything. It also gives sales managers everywhere a simple sales book that teaches the principles of honest selling in an accessible and easy-to-grasp way. The perfect primer for any new salesperson, or for non-sales employees who suddenly find themselves doing a sales function.
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The only sales book I really liked was How You Make the Sale by Frank McNair

A lot of sales books teach Jedi mind tricks and "tricks to close" and crap like that. This is much more practical. It walks you through a customer's buying process and shows how you can map that to your sales process. I find that making a better connection with my clients comes from putting their best interest first and being a good person. No need for psychology or tricks. Once you understand the buying process, and you understand the products/services you're selling, you're good to go.

Thank you for the advice, will also note that. I think that's my problem as well, making a true connection with my clients.. Thanks for the book recommendation :)
My favorite is How You Make The Sale by Frank McNair

I came from a technical background as well and this was the only book that really explained the process to me without a bunch of "closing tricks" or other gimmicky sales tactics.

I'm a big fan of Fog Creek's "The Most Basic Things Your Company Needs to Know About Sales" ( It's roughly 25 pages about high level sales strategies. The PDF mentions the book "How You Make the Sale" by Frank McNair ( was a great 101 level book on sales. It's high level so it could be applied to everything from selling cars and real estate to software.

I found these helpful because it was less "here's 10 closing tips and tricks!" and more about the sales process.

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