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F'd Companies: Spectacular Dot-com Flameouts

Philip J. Kaplan · 5 HN comments
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A humorous, biting look at mania and disaster by the president of PK Interactive offers an insider's perspective on the waste, greed, and stupidity of more than two hundred e-commerce failures, featuring cynical profiles, colorful anecdotes, and facts that offer an intriguing guide to how not to run a business.
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Pud did turn the best/worst of FuckedCompany into a book ( after the site ended, at least. It's a useful artifact of the era.
I just received that yesterday - can confirm it is an awesome read. Pud certainly doesn't pull any punches.
Pud eventually rolled the best of into a book:

(Yes, it's on Kindle)

I wrote a book that describes ~150 venture-backed internet startups that failed in the late 90's.

Many of them had significant users and revenue, but were mismanaged and failed.

I've often thought many of them could be successful today.

"F'd Companies: Spectacular Dot-com Startups"

There were many gems hidden in the rough on your original website. Whatever happened to the db of posts?

It was practically a catalog of pathological behaviors during a company's end.

I still have the database somewhere. Those days are behind me though so I probably won't put it online.

The best ones really are in the book though.

I just picked up a copy on Amazon. Thanks Pud for mentioning this. I had forgotten about this book and I had wanted to read it.
The link takes you to a mobile version of Amazon.

Here's a regular link:

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