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The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Business Law

Constance E. Bagley, Craig E. Dauchy · 2 HN comments
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This standard-setting book is an essential resource for anyone looking to understand the legal challenges faced by entrepreneurs. From leaving your current job to taking your company public, THE ENTREPRENEUR'S GUIDE TO BUSINESS LAW has the information you need to avoid potentially costly missteps. This book contains 17 chapters that follow the progression of a start-up business and anticipate its legal concerns through each stage of growth, with essential coverage of e-commerce and international issues where appropriate.
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Two good ones:

Edwin L. Miller, Lifecycle of a Technology Company: Step-by-Step Legal Background and Practical Guide from Startup to Sale (

Constance E. Bagley and Craig E. Dauchy, The Entrepreneur's Guide to Business Law (

Both of these do a good job of delineating startup issues from a legal perspective. They do so from what I would call a "big firm" perspective, which means heavy emphasis on VC-template-style companies as opposed to the leaner or bootstrap variety. Nonetheless, both do an excellent job of presenting the formal legal questions in practical contexts and both give clear explanations of the main issues involved in a startup from inception to exit.

Edit: The Miller book actually does a pretty good job of covering IP basics and, beyond that, I don't know of any particularly standout general IP book written for business people (there are some pretty good ones covering specific categories such as patent). By the way, as between Bagley/Dauchy and Miller, the Miller book is my personal favorite for startups - it was originally written as a big-firm treatise (multi-volume, with each of 4 or 5 volumes costing $200 or so), dry as dust, and then magically transformed through a fabulous edit job at Wiley into a well-distilled presentation of startup issues.

Thank you so much. I saw on your linkedin profile that you specialize in IP protection as well, can you recommend some books from that category as well?
For anyone with concerns about business structure, I highly recommend "The Entrepreneur's Guide to Business Law"--while it doesn't cover all of the tax implications of each structure, it is a great general reference for LLC vs. S-Corp vs. C-Corp (and a myriad of other topics).

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