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Proof and the Art of Mathematics

Joel David Hamkins · 1 HN comments
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An introduction to writing proofs, presented through compelling mathematical statements with interesting elementary proofs.This book offers an introduction to the art and craft of proof-writing. The author, a leading research mathematician, presents a series of engaging and compelling mathematical statements with interesting elementary proofs. These proofs capture a wide range of topics, including number theory, combinatorics, graph theory, the theory of games, geometry, infinity, order theory, and real analysis. The goal is to show students and aspiring mathematicians how to write proofs with elegance and precision.
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I recommend Proofs by Jay Cummings as an exceedingly gentle introduction of proofs. It's not as serious as your typical math textbook; it has plenty of jokes to keep you entertained.

If you still want a gentle introduction to proofs but would prefer if the author uses a more serious tone like traditional textbooks, I recommend Proof and the Art of Mathematics by Joel Hamkins.

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