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Analog VLSI and Neural Systems

Carver Mead · 2 HN comments
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The first book to take VLSI into the analog domain and apply it to biology. It provides solid tools for research in artificial intelligence and neurobiology while illustrating powerful new applications for analog systems.
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Given how Carver Mead is a father of neuromorphic computing, a more relevant book would be
If you are interested in systems theory, I would recommend Ross Ashby's Introduction to Cybernetics. It's a short book and free to download:

Much of the pioneering work in systems theory was done in the 1930-40's by different (but related) groups of academics in the fields of Systems Theory, Cybernetics, as well as Operational Research. Bertalanffy and Wienberg are progenitors of those fields, but I would stick to people like Ashby, who are much better writers. The work they produced is profound and laid the foundation for much of our modern academic disciplines and industrial practices.

There are a lot of fascinating people and fascinating work that came out of those academic groups during that period. They are too many to list, but I would give William Grey Walter and his robotic tortoise's as an example:

This might be beyond the scope of what you want, but I would also heartily recommend Carver Mead's Analog VSLI and Neural Systems:

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