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Industrial archaeology in Britain, (Pelican)

R. A Buchanan · 1 HN comments
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> Any tips?? tia

Not sure if it will help you in the very short run but I have found this book in a bookstore in Prague last year: "Industrial archaeology in Britain", and it might just do the trick for you.

Granted, it was written in the late 1960s by the looks of it, but the annexes contain some very interesting maps of industrial-related points of interest from England (mostly), such as canals and all kinds of factories and water- and wind- mills. It also contains some 40+ photos of some industrial thingies themselves. Pretty good value for the money I've spent on it.


This looks interesting too, thanks. Not exactly what I was after but still worthwhile. Can't help but wonder if there ids something on my doorstep worth visiting!

I have asked for it as a Christmas present.

I found a slightly later edition in hardback:

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