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Code: The Hidden Language of Computer Hardware and Software

Charles Petzold · 3 HN comments
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Timeless and accessible, Code can show anyone how computers really work. You'll gain a depth of understanding rivaling that of electrical engineers, as you come to recognize the beauty and elegance that made the computer one of the past century's greatest human achievements. Charles Petzold has fully updated his classic guide to reflect dramatic changes to the experience of computing, modernize cultural and technology references throughout, add even more powerfully intuitive 2-color line drawings, and present five new chapters. Code, Second Edition first establishes what numeric codes are, and then walks you one "baby step" at a time through the basic theoretical and applied concepts required to construct a simple computer. For more effective learning, Petzold describes rudimentary digital technology, while also revealing how today's world of media and connectivity was built through the pervasive use of numeric codes.
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computers in general–this book opened my eyes to how everything actually works... mostly :)
I read that book when I was pretty young, maybe 12 or 13. I'm not sure if I understood everything in it at the time but it started my fascination with computers.
Thanks. Seems there is a second edition due October 26, 2022.

I feel tempted to buy the current edition, but also to wait for the second.

Oh that's brilliant, I'm looking forward to that!

There is still so much of the tech stack that hasn't changed since this book was published in 2000 - TCP, IP, DNS, binary, logic gates, etc. But there's also much that has changed that could be written about - virtualisation, containers, wifi, fibre, cloud infrastructure, USB, GPUs.

I've gone ahead and bought the first edition, and then when the other is out, I'll add that to my collection too. Looking forward to reading it. No matter how much I learn, I find going over the basics again, reading introductions again, really helps to keep everything active up there. Let's face it, we learn so much but we also seem to lose so much as well.
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