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React Tutorial and Projects Course

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Step by Step Learn React.js and Create Interesting Projects

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This course is offered by John Smilga on the Udemy platform.
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$600, for a React course, are you serious? I know it's 20 hours of content, but so are many Udemy courses.

Many similar courses can be found for $10-$20 on (be sure to reset cookies/create a new account if you see higher prices. Apparently they only show discounted prices to new customer accounts.). For $600, a person could probably buy the majority or even entirety of's React courses -- Maybe somewhere around 500-1000 hours of content (rough estimation).

For example, this course has for 48 hours of content for $20.

I've found Udemy has great content. Plus there's Youtube.

Kent, I understand that you're a solo entrepreneur and that you offer premium knowledge in your content. But I wouldn't pay more than $100. I don't think the knowledge you offer is monopolized by your course, I think it can be found through many other learning resources (books, videos, docs).


Edit: just found out via another comment that Kent developed react-testing-library. That's awesome. So, Kent is likely someone who knows a ton about ReactJS, including truly expert, insider knowledge.

That said, $600 is still a crazy amount to charge to consumers. Maybe you'd charge that at an in-person seminar/workshop.

But to the internet public in general? Seems greedy.

I don’t know what gives you the impression that course duration somehow equates to course quality.

An educational resource existing for less cost and longer duration doesn’t translate into anything real without quality ciriculum and instruction.

A lot of content on both YouTube and Udemy is…not great. And even then not necessarily curated in a certain way, etc.

Furthermore, courses like this in general often are geared at developers/engineers who are already employed and could even get reimbursement/coverage for from their employer, which offsets or eliminates the cost entirely.

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