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React 101 - basics complete & latest. Forms, routing, async

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Course Description

This course is fully updated to React 17!

React is the most popular web library for creating user interface. The amount of jobs and projects related to React is enormous. And not for nothing! React is simple enough to learn and does not impose a rigid framework on you. You decide what you want and how you will do it!

My name is Govard Barkhatov and I am a react developer with a huge experience (over 5000+ hours). Unlike most Udemy instructors, I work with real-world react projects. I have not only theoretical but also practical knowledge.


You will create 6 different applications, including one right in the theoretical chapter (Async & API):

  1. Tic-tac-toe game

  2. Landing page

  3. Todo list

  4. User management application

  5. Blog

  6. Robots telling jokes about Chuck Norris

  7. People in space application


Here's what you find in this course:

  1. Work with react with and without JSX

  2. Pass Props and use Events

  3. Use State and work with Lifecycle methods

  4. Understand most of the styling approaches. Choose between CSS and JS path of doing things

  5. Create React components from arrays of data using Lists and Keys

  6. Work with controlled and uncontrolled forms

  7. Understand how routing works and get the control over browser URL

  8. Communicate with the outer world using Async & API

  9. Use Git to control and publish your application to the web!


In this course you will get all you need to understand everything related to react and position yourself as a react developer.

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This course is offered by Govard Barkhatov on the Udemy platform.
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Nov 04, 2020 · 2 points, 2 comments · submitted by gbarkhatov
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Hey guys. I have an enormous experience with react and trying out teaching field. Created my own react course which aims for react beginners (no web dev / react experience, or small experience), as well as guys who want to refresh the basics: React 101 - basics complete & latest. Forms, routing, async

Promo link: Without promo:

Please tell me your thoughts, what needs to be covered deeper and what you wish yo see in the react 201

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