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End-to-End Real-World Application Development with F#

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Course Description

End-to-End Real-World  Application Development with F# will guide you to develop a fully  functional web application that includes server-side as well as  client-side programming thanks to Fable, F#, and the JavaScript  compiler. We will target the .NET Core platform so that your application  will work in a cross-platform manner. 

About the Author

Onur Gumus is a Lead  Software Engineer based in Dubai. He has diverse interests in software  development and architecture, Wing Chun, and chess. He spends most of  his time building .NET applications. His previous experience is as a  software architect at P.I. Works, where he developed several F# projects  and gave internal tutorials to developers. He is extremely passionate  about F# and functional programming, and hopes to spend more and more  time helping developers in the community become proficient at functional  programming.  

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This course is offered by Packt Publishing on the Udemy platform.
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I am the author of the post and author of this

Don't be deceived by low rating. It's low because people expected a course on syntax.

Also other continuations are as below:

And if you have any questions find me from @OnurGumusDev on twitter and I will gladly help

Thanks. Bought the course. Looking forward to learning.
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