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Developing Android Apps with Kotlin | Udacity Free Courses

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Learn the fundamentals of the Kotlin programming language from Kotlin experts at Google.

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This course is offered on the Udacity platform.
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Aug 18, 2020 · amitheonlyone on Kotlin 1.4
I agree. I tried Kotlin when I was working on an Android app and it was a pleasant experience. Somehow, everything easily makes sense and the Android Studio support for Kotlin is excellent. I followed two Udacity courses before starting on the app. If it helps anyone, these are the courses:

Kotlin Bootcamp for Programmers[0]

Developing Android Apps with Kotlin[1]

There's also an advanced android development course which is a follow up which I am going through now.



Android team makes it on purpose to use Java harder on Android, for obvious reasons.

Even the samples use Java 7 style code when comparing for terseness.

I would recommend working through Google's Codelabs if you wanna learn Android Programming with Kotlin. They are split up in Basic and Advanced.
I would recommend skipping anything google recommended and finding courses made by people with real android development experience.

Google has it's own way of doing things - boilerplate, overengineered and full of ugly practices. Anyone will be better of learning from a source that isn't a bunch of interns that got thrown into the Android team.

I also just started doing Android in my work (previously mainly doing backend development). I see that the best resource will be just the Android documentation itself [1]. I can't suggest any specific book, because book about Android get outdated very quickly. If you like an online course, Udacity offers some Android courses [2] that is made by Google. As an additional note, once you have passed the basic hello world application and understand the basic concept of simple activity, lifecycle and intent, you should explore Android Architecture Component [3] which is required if you want to write a bigger more complex application. Last, for youtube video just see Google I/O videos or any other Android conference video, once you want to dig deeper for more specific topics.




I recommend working through the beginner and advanced programming for Android tutorials on Udacity, both are free:

That gives you a solid start to look into more details and do some codelabs on

or watch a series about a certain topic on Youtube. I really like the Coding In Flow channel:

That's a good idea. I did the University of Maryland Coursera course and I liked it a lot:

thanks, that looks good, I also found this free Udacity course that seems pretty up-to-date:
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