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Deep Reinforcement Learning Online Course

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Learn the deep reinforcement learning skills that are powering amazing advances in AI & start applying these to applications. Learn online with Udacity.

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This course is offered on the Udacity platform.
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Great! I would argue that no, there's still no great resource to learn RL "from scratch" - there's still a huge gap between Sutton&Barto and implementing DDPG. You have to figure out everything by reading existing implementations, various Medium posts (a lot of them containing errors and imprecisions), and research papers. I wouldn't consider Spinning Up as a beginner-friendly resource, it's too dense/math-heavy

The closest I have found so far is the Udacity course: which costs $1000

So yeah, I'm excited to see what you've done! I'm working on a similar course, FYI.

I also think OpenAi's spinning up isn't beginner friendly.
When I first started with RL I went through David Silver's course. I still think it's my favorite set of materials aside from "Artificial Intelligence: A modern approach by Russell and Norvig"
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