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Supply Chain Management

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This course is offered by Rutgers the State University of New Jersey on the Coursera platform.
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Why don't you learn some business skills yourself? The materials are available on internet. Sure it takes time.

You want to learn digital marketing? There are many good tutorials on Youtube or you can buy some digital marketing books.

If you took this path, you would reach the state on which you may not need a business co-founder anymore. If you met a good business co-founder, at least, you could gauge whether they are competent or not using your business skills.

Some good materials for you to start learning business skills:

Digital marketing:

Corporate finance:

Supply chain:


Of course, YC Startup Library is a top-notch resource:

About networking in Covid-19.... Actually it's still possible. You could join some online communities. You could build your brand on social media (Linkedin, Twitter, etc). For example, if I wanted to network with some influential people on blockchain space, I would follow their Twitter and contribute to the conversation (Twitter threads), I would join an opensource blockchain project and build some connections with the core developers. You get the idea.

Good luck!

Everyone should learn the basics of business, but people have different talents and if you're born an engineer chances are you'll never be a very good salesman, and vice versa. Much better to focus on what you enjoy and do best, and find a business guy to focus on that part.

Obviously, if you are both well rounded and have some understanding of the other's area that will make things more efficient but don't try to BE the other.

You could go look up the syllabus for several top programs. Tennessee and Penn State come to mind. Get comfortable with big enterprise software like SAP or Oracle or at the very least NetSuite. You’ll need to understand some finance alongside operational jargon so things like microeconomics would be valuable (Kahn academy has a class). Some topics that you could google just off the top of my head would be sourcing, transportation, manufacturing, inventory management, distribution, sales.... actually maybe you could find some self directed six sigma courses?

edit: here's a coursera course that looks like it covers all the basics:

Came here to mention the same coursera course. It’s a good start.
Thanks for that Rutgers SCM MOOC, I'll try it out along with the MITx one.

I'll also look up the syllabi for those programs, good idea.

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