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New Venture Finance: Startup Funding for Entrepreneurs

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Course Description

This course is for aspiring or active entrepreneurs who wants to understand how to secure funding for their company. This course will demystify key financing concepts to give entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs a guide to secure funding.

Examine the many financing options available to get your new venture funded. Learn the basics of finance, valuations, dilution and non-dilutive funding sources. Understand capital structure for new ventures, term sheets and how to negotiate them, and the differences between early-stage versus later-stage financing. Develop an understanding of how to develop winning investor pitches, who and when to pitch, how to avoid common mistakes that limit the effectiveness of the pitch, and how to ‘get to the close’. Key questions answered within the course include:

* When to raise outside capital?

* What kind of investors invest by stage and where to find them?

* What are your fundraising options?

* What are the key components of the term sheet?

* How to perform company valuations?

* How to pitch to investors?

* What techniques help the entrepreneur ‘get to the close’?

With this course, students experience a sampling of the ideas and techniques explored in the University of Maryland's master's degree in technology entrepreneurship, an innovative 100% online program. Learn more at

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This course is offered by University of Maryland, College Park on the Coursera platform.
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I haven't taken an entire course yet, but there are a LOT of resources for startups.

There are some very interesting ones by Y Combinator partners, for example:

There's also Peter Thiel's course on startups, didn't find a link but here's a "spiritual succesor":

This one I'll probably take:

and Steve Blank's courses, this one is based on his approach:

The "spiritual successor" is meant to refer to CS183 which Thiel taught in 2012 at Stanford, not an online course.
Feb 10, 2015 · 2 points, 0 comments · submitted by testrun
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