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Jazz Improvisation

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Course Description

Learn the basic concepts of improvisation from Gary Burton, one of the most renowned improvisers in the jazz world, including the mental, melodic, and harmonic processes that contribute to the instinctive skills that an improviser puts to use when taking a solo.

While many people are fans of jazz and understand that musicians are often “making up” the notes they are playing during a performance, most people—often including musicians, themselves, who are beginning to learn improvising—aren’t clear about what exact processes take place to enable this to happen. The purpose of this course is to introduce the basic concepts of modern improvisation and how to go about mastering the different musical and mental skills involved.

Course author Gary Burton codifies a sought-after approach to improvisation that has been at the core of Berklee College of Music's curriculum for decades. Students who complete this course will know what to practice and how to practice the various aspects of improvising, in addition to understanding how the improviser spontaneously communicates to the listeners through their musical creations.

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This course is offered by Berklee College of Music on the Coursera platform.
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Berklee College of Music offers free courses on Coursera. Including Jazz Improvisation which could constitute a "hack" for quick learning of scales and progressions. Regardless of how "intelligent" the music interface is, I can't see any way out of hours of daily directed practice for mastery.

The year 2019 will mark the 60th anniversary of the Annus miraculus in jazz history. Miles Davis' Kind of Blue, John Coltranes' Giant Steps, Dave Brubeck's Time Out, Bill Evans' Portrait in Jazz, etc. A great time to get back into jazz and swing for piano. And even better considering we now live in an age where online "jamming" is possible with a decentralized band ;)

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