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Automated Reasoning: satisfiability

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In this course you will learn how to apply satisfiability (SAT/SMT) tools to solve a wide range of problems. Several basic examples are given to get the flavor of the applications: ...
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This course is offered by EIT Digital on the Coursera platform.
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Well done! I'm taking a course on SAT solvers [1], but it uses some lisp format and lets you input from a richer language (e.g. distinct, if-then-else, plus integers rather than just booleans), so I had to look up the conjunctive normal format in your app. The readme for this repo [2] sent me here [3]. Pretty simple format.

I love how fast your app is!




Which course have you got in mind, [1] given by Hans Zantema?

[1] Automated Reasoning: satisfiability,

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